5 of the Best Modular Garden Sofa ideas

5 of the Best Modular Garden Sofa ideas

Think you haven't got room for a luxurious garden sofa set? Think again, we're about to share 5 modular garden sofa ideas that offer a lot more versatility than other ready-configured sets.

There is nothing worse than getting your furniture set and realising that you need an additional piece, but not being able to get it as they only come in sets! This is why modular garden sofas are great - you can choose different combinations of sections to make it work for your outdoor space. If you find that you want to expand the sofa at a later date, just buy the additional sections as and when you need them.

Our range of modular garden sofa sets is growing every year with more styles and colours to suit any garden. Read on to discover more ways to enjoy your garden sofa.


Make it work in any space

The modular design of our sofas offers maximum flexibility as you can configure different sections to create a garden sofa layout that fits your space. The most popular form of modular garden sofa is the L shape corner sofa set. The modular pieces allow you to create a wide L-shaped sofa or a thin corner sofa set, depending on the shape of your outdoor space. You can even use the sofa sections that you have to create separate seating areas, such as a 2-seater sofa and a smaller 3-piece corner section which allow you to have several areas to enjoy your garden sofa. 

Modular garden sofas aren't just great for creating sofas that are suitable for smaller spaces, as they can be combined and scaled for large gardens. If you've got a large patio area to fill and want maximum seating for your guests, then you could combine two of our modular sofas to create the ultimate set, or buy the individual pieces and configure something truly unique. 


Create a daybed

There's nothing better than sprawling out over a luxurious daybed when the sun is shining. Want to create the look and feel of a day bed without having to replace your existing garden sofa? Our modular sofas allow you to do this by teaming the sofa modules with additional footstools together to form a daybed. When you are finished laying in the sun, you can convert the furniture back into a sofa with footstools!


Fit your style

Here at Quatropi you'll find many styles of luxury garden sofas, and that also applies to modular garden sofa sets. Our modular garden furniture is available in so many different shapes, ideal for suiting different garden spaces. Our latest modular sofa is the Cole range - the combination of sofa-inspired, luxuriously thick cushioning, and the beautifully elegant rope weave detailing allows you to achieve your dream garden look and feel. Prefer more minimalism? Opt for our Oliver collection - the ever-popular customer favourite with its beautifully simple steel frame. Or, if you want to achieve certain zen in your outdoor space, go for our Theo collection that offers an unexpected alliance between the design minimalism of its metallic structure and the artisanal warmth of its hand-woven rattan.

So, if you have a garden that requires a certain setup or style then Quatropi modular furniture is ideal for you.



Modular garden sofas are designed to be an efficient use of the outdoor space that you have available because you can scale your sofa to suit your patio size. So, it's good to have elements of the design that can be used for more than one thing, thus saving you space. That's why in the Cole range, our latest modular sofa design, the footstool also doubles up as a coffee table with a premium glass top. 


Clever rain covers

A huge benefit of Quatropi modular sofas is that the pieces are made from powder-coated framework which is extremely lightweight and it also makes the pieces easy to move and rearrange when needed. Additionally, our outdoor furniture is weather resistant and can be left outside all year round, however, it would still appreciate being covered when not in use. This is why all of our modular sofas come with individual rain covers, meaning that you can keep the sofa in your layout of choice and keep it covered when the weather turns, rather than have to move all the pieces to fit under a standard size cover!


Explore the entire garden furniture range by Quatropi. Our sets come in a range of colours, select from black, grey or brown rattan garden furniture, where you'll find our premium weave. With lots of styles to choose from, including dining sets, with stunning garden tables and chairs, as well as, modular corner sofas, bistro sets and patio chairs and tables, with such a huge collection of garden furniture sets available you'll find a set to suit your style.



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