Real vs. Synthetic Rattan - Which is Better?

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Real vs. Synthetic Rattan - Which is Better?

Rattan garden furniture is a steadfast choice for modern outdoor spaces. If you are shopping for rattan products in the UK, you're probably not looking at genuine rattan furniture, and there is a very important reason why. 

Luxury garden furniture sets are a significant investment and so they should last for years to come. In the UK we experience all kinds of weather, but let's be honest - most of the time it's quite damp and cold. This is why we Brits love to spend time out in the sun, and the scent of BBQ is in the air at the first sight of sunshine! 

When the time comes to get out into the garden, you want garden furniture that has withstood the damp British winter and is ready to welcome you and the family for another season of alfresco dining, garden parties, and evenings snuggled up in time for the sunset.  

Thinking about rattan garden furniture? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of genuine and synthetic rattan furniture. 

What is Real Rattan?

Rattan is the name that is given to a type of naturally growing vine-like species that is native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. It is one of the most robust woods available and has been a staple choice for garden furniture for many years. This is because it is strong, flexible, and looks absolutely stunning. 

Real rattan is the actual wood and material from the rattan vine. It is very rare to find it used on garden furniture in the UK due to how it would react to British weather. 

What is Synthetic Rattan?

You guessed it - synthetic rattan is man-made and aims to improve on where real rattan falls short. Synthetic rattan is essentially made from plastic, but not all plastics are equal. Our garden furniture is made from premium quality rattans that are fully waterproof, they will not rot, fade or deteriorate. 

The quality of rattan furniture that you find on the internet can vary greatly. Some will use cheap rattan plastics that will fade after a season of sunny weather, and others may crack following a cold winter. Quatropi premium garden furniture uses tried and tested quality rattan that thousands of customers have enjoyed for years and will continue to enjoy for a very long time.

Can Rattan Furniture be left out all year?

Rattan furniture must not be left out all year round - real rattan furniture that is. Real rattan rots in damp conditions, and if it is left in the rain it will soon start to deteriorate. 

Our synthetic rattan on the other hand is perfect for British weather. However, it would still appreciate being covered in the winter - this is mostly to prevent it from getting dirty, covered in tree sap, or pooped on by birds!

Does Rattan Furniture fade?

Synthetic rattan can fade, but it comes down to the quality of the rattan that you purchase. Our premium rattans have the dyes immersed into the entire strand which means that they won't fade for a very long time. Cheaper sets that you can find on the internet are only surface-dyed which will result in them fading much faster.

Genuine rattan will not fade from the sun, but it will fade and rot in damp conditions - not great if you plan to leave the set outside!

Real vs. Synthetic: Cost

Genuine rattan sets are generally more expensive than synthetic products because a lot of work goes into making them. The process is laborious and processing the raw materials does not come cheap. That being said, the outcome is an authentic product that has been crafted with time and great care. You will not find many UK retailers selling real rattan sets considering how unfit it is for British weather. If you do find genuine rattan it is usually intended for conservatories and other indoor uses. 

As for the price of synthetic rattan - it can vary massively and so can the quality. Within a few minutes of browsing, you can find rattan garden sets for less than £200. These sets are undoubtedly fully flat-pack and made from sub-par quality materials that will soon rust. The cushions will be thin and fabrics will be cheap. They will be made with poor quality, surface-dyed rattan that will quickly fade and deteriorate in the winter.

Our Crane Beach rattan sets are very competitively priced for the quality of the products. Our rattan products are intricately hand-woven with care to create a lasting and sophisticated luxury product. Our cushions are probably the best you can get and the fabrics do not disappoint. Most of our rattan garden sets come fully assembled and are made from only premium rattans that look just like the real thing - just without the weatherproofing issues. Some of our products, such as loungers, have been expertly designed to come flat-packed so that we can deliver them to you faster and easier. 

Real vs. Synthetic: Conclusion

So, which is better? In as few words as possible - it is not one or the other. It comes down to how you intend to use the product. Be that as it may, synthetic rattan furniture is much better suited to British weather and will typically cost you much less.

For a stunning selection of premium quality rattan furniture sets, you must check out our Crane Beach Collection. Discover more amazing garden furniture in the garden section of our website. 

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