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Garden Sofas

We're all about Summer Living. Garden sofas give you living-room style comfort, whether you're relaxing in the sun or partying with family and friends. With Quatropi garden sofas you can relax all day and enjoy those gorgeous evenings under the stars.
Garden Sofas

If you are looking for flexible and hard wearing yet luxurious garden sofas, check out our wide range of comfortable outdoor sofa sets. From small two seater styles right up to options for eight+ people, Quatropi has you covered with a wide range of premium choices. We specialise in modern outdoor furniture and grey is a stunning shade that never fails to look cool or contemporary - add in our high-grade metal sofa frames and you’ve got a winning combination. 

The patio is the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy food, drinks and good conversation with friends and family when the warmer weather arrives, but people assume that when they move outdoors they won't be able to achieve the same level of comfort. This just isn’t the case with Quatropi garden sofas. Our La Concha outdoor sofas are luxuriously upholstered and so comfortable thanks to our specialist fabrics and quick-dry foams - so be sure to take a look at our fantastic selection of La Concha patio sets.

Our range of styles

Our best-selling rattan garden corner sofa sets are classic and stylish, blending beautifully with other garden furniture and traditional garden landscapes - check out the Crane Beach collection. Quatropi aluminium sofa sets are strong and sturdy, combined with the weave finish blends minimalistic style with artisanal warmth of the hand-woven details - discover the Freddy and Theo collections. 

We offer a range of colours, from silver, black, grey to mocha beige, so you can buy your corner sofa set to complement any existing garden furniture. The sofa and additional matching seating all come with sumptuously thick, sofa-inspired cushions in premium fabrics for market-leading comfort. 

Quatropi’s range of outdoor sofa sets will bring a perfect blend of luxury and sophistication to your outdoor space. We have expertly crafted so many styles to suit any modern outdoor space. You’re sure to find the perfect garden sofa range for your garden here at Quatropi.

All shapes and sizes

Pick up your iPad or book and seamlessly move your home comforts from the living room to the garden with our extensive range of garden sofa sets in both 2 & 3 seater straight sofa, corner and U-shape sofas that seat up to 10 people, and modular outdoor sofas that can be as large or small as you desire.

The Quatropi range of garden corner sofas offer a gorgeous blend of luxury and sophistication to your outdoor space. Most of our garden sofa collections are modular, and we have expertly designed many corner sofa configurations that allow you to maximise your outdoor space. Most sets are accompanied by ottomans and coffee tables for added flexibility, so if this is a priority for you then take a look at our stunning range of garden corner sofa sets.

If you’re thinking of having a large garden sofa set, then you must consider going modular! You can add in more parts at a later date, change up the layout at any time depending on the occasion, and they’re so easy to move around the garden. Some of our sofa sets come with individual rain covers so you can ensure they’re protected from the elements, even with the largest sets. 

Our sectional garden sofas are available in a range of styles, including rattan and aluminium designs. The modular garden sets have now been complimented by steel sets combined with outdoor fabric options in a range of rich greys, silver and blue colourways allowing your garden to be a true extension of the home.

At Quatropi we've discovered a lot of people find garden sofas a relaxing way to sit and enjoy their time, whether it's reading, socialising or simply enjoying a coffee in the sun. This is why we have developed so many outdoor sofa ranges that make use of more unique materials, shattering the norms of old-fashioned garden furniture, and offering stunning patio furniture to suit any modern garden.