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Will my furniture fit?

There’s no doubt about it - big is beautiful. But when it comes to getting our larger pieces into your home, we wouldnt want there to be any problems.

Print off this handy checklist ad note down a few basic measurements, pre-empt any pinch points and gain added peace of mind before you order.

Get the dimensions

You can find the packaged furniture dimensions on our website (click on the ‘Sizes’ tab within the product page)

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

Box 4

Get measuring

Once you’ve made a note of the packaged furniture dimensions, refer to them as you measure the following areas in your home.

1. Doorways

Are your doorways wider than the height (H) of your box? If the answer is yes, go straight to step 2. If not, measure the heights of your doorways. Are your doorways higher than the width (W) of your box? If yes, then it should fit.

2. Hallway

Measure the width of your hallway at the narrowest point. You’ll also need to consider any handrails and light fixtures that may get in the way.

3. Stairs & Landings

Stairs can sometimes be a little tricky. Make sure to measure them at their narrowest point. If you have a landing, you’ll need to measure its width, depth and height, checking that these measurements are all larger than those of your furniture.

4. Lift

If there’s more than one flight of stairs, the delivery crew need to use a lift to get your furniture where it needs to be. Remember to measure the width of the doorway, and the space inside the lift.

Don’t forget...

If you’ve taken all the measurements and you’re still not sure your furniture is going to fit, you can always give our care team a call - they’ll be happy to help.

02476 642139